Hot tips for cool legs if you’re wearing compression garments or hosiery this summer

A  guide for anyone wearing compression garments or hosiery. Chat with your clinician if you have concerns or need further help.

Applying compression garments and hosiery in the summer months
Applying a compression stocking to a leg with varicose veins.

What can you do to keep your legs and feet cool in the summer months if you wear compression garments?

Dampen or wet your garments

Keep cool during the day by dampening or wetting your compression garment/s using a plant spray or shower head – use a towel to soak up excess moisture. Please note, do not do this if you have dressings in place.

Cotton garments

Some manufacturers produce garments which ensure 100% cotton is against the skin. Not only does this help with keeping cool but it’s also good for sensitive skin.

Beige garments

Switching to beige garments for the summer is a good idea as the colour black attracts heat.

Open toe garments

If you like sandals, ask your clinician if you are suitable to have open toe garments. The hosiery starts at the base of the toes allowing them to be exposed and, if desired, is an opportunity to show off painted toenails!

Reminders for healthy legs

Daily wearing of garments

Legs expand in hot weather so it is more important than ever to keep them under control by making sure compression garments are worn every day.

Daily washing of garments

Throughout the day garments become loose. Washing garments after each wear helps the material return to the correct pressure.

Renew garments

Over time, the elasticity in garments reduces. Ensure you renew your garments regularly – at least 2 new garments per leg every 6 months.

Keep skin in good condition

Wearing garments can dry skin so keep your legs moisturised by applying non perfumed moisturising lotion at night, the warmth of the bed will help absorb the cream.


Exercise is amazing in helping legs to look and feel better. Even if you feel physical exercise is not for you, there are simple movements and stretches that can make a big difference.