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7th June 2023

Personal stories

Hear real life stories from people sharing their own experiences of life living with leg and foot problems

Rolf's story
Read Rolf's lymphoedema story “Lymphoedema stole some of the best years of my life. Now at 61, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been”
Kelly's story
Read Kelly's leg ulcer story – “I was housebound for seven years – then pioneering compression therapy gave me my life back"
Sue's story
Sue's lymphoedema story – "It’s like I lost 13 years of my life. I couldn’t go round to friends anymore because I worry about my leg leaking."
Keith's story
Read Keith's story – “A pair of wellies saved my big toe – and means I can go on saving lives”
Pamela's story
Read Pamela's sickle cell and leg ulcer story – “The pain is so bad that sometimes all you can do is cry"
Carl's story
Read Carl's cellulitis and leg ulcer story – he's a father of three, is 48 and lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire
Daphne's story
Read Daphne's diabetic ulcer on the foot story – “A cut on my foot from a seashell led to me losing part of my foot”
Shaun's story
Read Shaun's story – “A leg ulcer left me unable to work and living in my car”
Angie's story
Read Angie's story – “I was told I had Raynaud’s but I was actually just five hours away from losing my leg”
Nerys' story
Read Nerys' pressure ulcer story – “A life-changing road traffic accident took me to rock bottom. Now I’m about to swim the English Channel”
Lorna's story
Lorna's leg ulcer story – she's a a retired deputy head teacher, is 66 and lives in Edgware, North London
Julia's story
Read Julia's leg ulcer story – “An operation on my broken leg left me with a wound that wouldn’t heal”
Mark's story
Read Mark's story – “I knocked my leg on the car door – 10 months later I was still in bandages”
Dennis' story
Read Dennis' cellulitis and lymphoedema story – “A blister turned into a skin infection that wouldn’t heal”
Christopher's story
Read Christopher's story – he's had leg ulcers for nine years, is 67 and lives in Upton, Dorset
Joanne's story
Read Joanne's leg ulcer story – "A spider bite turned into a hole in my leg that just won’t heal"