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Healthy lifestyle  |  1st June 2023

Tips for healthy legs and feet

Whatever the underlying cause, here's some things you can do to help improve your legs and feet.
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Self care  |  24th May 2023

Taking the mystery out of healthcare practitioner roles

Here's a handy list of roles & responsibilities in simple terms for healthcare , hope it's useful!
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Education & Training  |  9th January, 2023 6-7pm

Ask the expert: GP special with Dr Sarah Jarvis discussing leg health

Tired, heavy legs getting you down? Get the answers you need from two healthcare experts
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Education & Training  |  27th September 2022

Fundamentals of lower limb care – free training

This educational session promotes the best practices in skin health and wound healing.
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Healthy lifestyle  |  23rd August 2022

Hot tips for cool legs if you’re wearing compression garments or hosiery this summer

Guide for anyone wearing compression garments or hosiery when it's warm
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Education & Training  |  13 September 2022 10.30 - 15.30

Vascular Research – Priorities to Evidence Workshop

Learn about the Vascular Priority Setting Partnership's progress and what's happening next steps
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