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Campaign & News updates  |  Wednesday 12 June 6.30-7.30pm

WEBINAR: Oxygen therapy in diabetes wound care

A Legs Matter live webinar delivered in partnership with  What’s it about? The focus for the panel will be the hidden harm crisis in foot ulcer management and how the use of oxygen thera…
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Education & Training  |  17th June 6.30-7.30pm

WEBINAR: Where is the harm? Common myths in lower limb care!

We're going to enlighten you regarding common myths in lower limb management building on various topics within our 10 point plan to tackle harm
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Events  |  Monday 10th June 6.30pm

Changemaker 2024 On-line Awards Ceremony

As we celebrate the people who are making a difference to end the hidden harm crisis in leg and foot care.
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Education & Training  |  11 June 2024

Barriers to maintaining leg health – necessary care, right products, right time

Discussion on the barriers to obtaining the correct compression for maintaining leg health.
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Education & Training  |  Thursday 13th June 6.45-7.30 pm

Can GPNs stop leg ulcers in their tracks?

Focusing on the specific role of GPNs and primary care providing immediate and necessary care for lower leg wounds
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Education & Training  |  24 June 2024

Leg Ulcer Forum Annual Conference

An exciting and interactive event focusing on getting management right first time for people with leg ulcers
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