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Thought pieces & Research  |  1st February 2024

How many people does it take to get heard?

The hospital doctors and GPs did listen to Jill after being shown the appropriate information and guidelines from Legs Matter and the BLS
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Education & Training  |  20 February 2024 2-5pm

Fundamentals of lower limb assessment / management

A Leg Ulcer Forum (LUF) FREE virtual educational event
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Campaign & News updates  |  14th December 2023

Journal of Wound Care Awards 2024

The Journal of Wound Care Awards recognise excellence in research and practice - gain national recognition for you and/or your team
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Campaign & News updates  |  10 - 14 June 2024

Legs Matter Week 2024 – Get Involved

Save the date and help us tackle the hidden harm crisis
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Campaign & News updates  |  16th November 2023

NWCSP/NHSE Consultation Survey: Leg Ulcer Best Practice Bundle

They're looking for health and care professionals, providers, commissioners, people with wounds, carers & wound product suppliers to share their views.
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Education & Training  |  25th October 2023

When does delaying compression for chronic oedema become a harm?

Should not applying compression to patients living with chronic oedema be considered a harm?
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