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31st May 2023

Tell your MP your story

The Legs Matter coalition are working to ensure that MPs and Peers understand the issues affecting people with leg and feet conditions, so they can make sure policy reflects their needs. But we can only do so much and we need your help too.

If you’re unhappy about the way you’ve been treated by your GP or local NHS you can get involved with the Legs Matter campaign by helping to lobby local MPs.

How to stand up for legs and feet

We’ve already written the letter (see below). We just need your help in getting the message out there. You can either copy and paste the letter below, print it out and pop it in the post. Or use the speedy way and send an email via Write to Them.

Legs Matter letter template

Dear [MPs NAME]

As our local MP for [insert your area] I am writing to inform you of a Legs Matter campaign. This is being organised and driven by the Society of Tissue Viability and a coalition of organisations committed to working collaboratively.

As a mixed age group, we are deeply concerned about the cost in both fiscal and human terms regarding lower limb care and we firmly belief that we have a right to expect best practice in leg ulcer, foot ulcer and lower limb management.

Chronic leg and foot conditions affect many over 60 years of age, and with improved life expectancy, this means the number of people with ulcers is likely to rise in an ageing population. If poorly treated, leg ulcers and foot related problems can lead to persistent pain, decreased mobility, leakage, malodour and risk of infection.

Government needs to acknowledge the Legs Matter campaign urgently to ensure that there is a transformation in society’s attitude to this issue both from a cost and quality of life impact. We believe that this is an issue for Government to address if we are to avoid successive decades in which the proportion of people experiencing leg ulcers and associated conditions remains unchanged.

We would be grateful if you could raise our concerns with the relevant Ministers, and ask Government what action they are currently taking or planning to take to ensure that this issue is included in their NHS sustainability plan and how they will drive wound management in category tower contracts.

Kind regards

[Pop your name and signature here]

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