27th September 2022

Fundamentals of lower limb care - free training. Image of woman learning on a computer

Date & Time

6th October, 2022 12.30 – 4pm

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There are currently approximately 75,000 people living with a leg ulcer each year with many more experiencing other lower limb conditions such as lymphoedema or foot ulceration. Many of these conditions can be avoided if signs are detected early and the right action taken.

This session will provide delegates with the fundamentals of lower limb and foot care. You will learn about the common conditions, the underlying causes and how to recognise them. You will also learn what to do to prevent some of these conditions occurring and about your role in maintaining lower limb and foot health.

Who’s the Fundamentals of Lower Limb Care suitable for?

The session is delivered at a basic level so is ideal for those with a limited knowledge of lower limb care but will also be a useful for anyone wanting a refresher. This event is aimed at:

  • Registered and non-registered nurses working in community
  • Hospital and care home settings, podiatrists
  • Clinicians with an interest in lower limb conditions
  • Pre-reg student nurses
  • People returning to clinical practice to update their knowledge


Sarah Gardner – Independent Tissue Viability Consultant, Wound Matters

Gill Sykes – Advanced Podiatrist, Harrogate and District NHS Trust

Virtual exhibition

There will be an interactive virtual exhibition of wound care products and preventative aids from our industry partners.

Lower limb learning objectives

By the end of the session, delegates will:

  1. Have a greater understanding of common lower limb conditions and their underlying causes
  2. Be able to recognise the signs of lower limb vascular disease
  3. Have more confidence when carrying out a lower limb assessment
  4. Be able to recommend the steps required to maintain lower limb health

Foot learning objectives

By the end of session, delegates will:

  1. Be able to recognise skin and nail problems
  2. Understand skin conditions of the feet and common foot problems
  3. Gain knowledge of treatment of foot problems in Podiatry and recognise when to refer to Podiatry
  4. Understand the importance of footwear
  5. Recognise foot deformity