24th September 2018

The Legs Matter coalition came about because there were a number of us who thought ‘enough is enough’. If clinicians cannot bring about the change needed over 30 years, maybe we needed to do it differently. We agreed that if we did not push for radical change, then people will continue to be harmed through this status quo. There are too many stories of people not receiving the care they needed. The impact was and still is destroying lives.

Our coalition is in development

We now have people for whom this has been far too real. John, Anne and Tracy, our patient partners, have much to teach us. They will broaden and challenge our clinician world view and we are excited at this opportunity. We are equal partners in this endeavour. Clinical expertise will not be allowed to trump real experience.

What can visitors to the Legs Matter website expect?

What could this change end up looking like? Well, we don’t know yet! We know we need to have a website that is truly relevant, that meets the needs of people who are in a bad place, seeking answers or a way out. Having Patient Partners at the table is already changing our discussions and perspectives. This can only be positive for us all.

So let us all listen, learn and contribute to this increasingly loud voice, demanding change for people with lower limb issues. Enough, is indeed enough!

Tell us what you think

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