24th September 2018

Hello to everyone reading my Blog on the Legs Matter Campaign website.

I’m one of the newbies to Legs Matter and that’s because I’m… a patient and I feel very honoured. So the latest Legs Matter meeting of its founders and prime-movers at Leeds University on 31st August was my initiation as a “patient representative”.

The day’s business was run through efficiently as honest friendship and professional respect filled the room (see Photo below – I’m the only bloke in the room).

These guys knew what they were talking about and had a very clear idea of what needed to be done, but is that what the patients want?

Well, as far as the outgoing Legs Matter Chair Una Adderley’s gorgeous home-made lunch was concerned, then yes please, that’s what this patient likes.

I am sorry that I have only just got to meet Una as she handed over to a new Legs Matter Chair, Leanne Atkin.

It’s indisputable that we patients with lower leg conditions need a Legs Matter Campaign badly. The way it is being done gets my support so far. I hope I can help.

Meanwhile, my Motto for the medics is:

“Maximum Possible Compression Please!”