29th May 2018

We are told that Asda supermarkets are offering NH organisations the opportunity to host exhibitions to mark the NHS’s 70th birthday in their 387 superstores which have a ‘Community Champion’ during the week of the anniversary (week commencing 2nd July). Why not find out what is going on in your local Asda superstore and see if you can start something or join in…?  Your NHS organisation might already have something in mind and be delighted if you can join in with our lovely colourful Legs Matter campaign.  If not, they might also be delighted if you start something.

This is a great opportunity to highlight the good work that is going on and to engage with the public to get the word out.  If this seems like a good idea, please contact your local Asda ‘Community Champion’ to find out more. 

Kick off time - Legs Matter graphic