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Education & Training  |  22nd June 2023

The hidden harm crisis in leg ulcer management – round table discussion summary

Learn how the underuse of therapeutic compression in community services is harming people – and what we must do to tackle this.
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Campaign & News updates  |  20th September 2020

Three point leg check – what are your legs and feet trying to tell you?

Even the smallest change to the way they look or feel can be a sign of something more serious.
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Harm  |  29th April 2019

Painkillers – a dilemma for patients and doctors alike

John’s personal story is very difficult to read. It is raw and close to the bone. But we cannot look away and say that ‘this does not happen here’.
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Harm  |  29th October 2018

What are you doing here?

Common questions you may get ask as a leg ulcer patient
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