17th October 2018

About Tracy

Hi, my name is Tracy Goodwin and I am thrilled to be a part of the Legs Matter campaign. I am one of the patient representatives and hope to become a valuable part of the coalition by offering my experiences, expectations and opinions as a patient.

Tracy’s story

My story began over 15 years ago when I was in my early 20’s. Following a deep vein thrombosis when I was pregnant, I developed a leg ulcer on my left ankle. I hadn’t even heard of leg ulcers at that point and to be perfectly honest, it felt as if my GP hadn’t either as it took me several visits with a non-healing wound before I was referred to the vascular nurse. The ulcer healed within 12 weeks but unfortunately that wasn’t the end of it.

Unfortunately, this ulcer recurred and this time has been very difficult to get healed. And for the last 13 years I have almost permanently had a chronic leg ulcer. It has changed my life beyond recognition and has influenced almost every aspect of my life.

Being part of Legs Matter

I hope that I, along with all the wonderful health experts and companies involved in this campaign, can help to raise awareness of lower leg and foot problems and help patients get the correct help and treatment from the very beginning.