Page last updated:
1st June 2023

Our manifesto

Standing up for legs and feet

Every day, thousands of people’s quality of life is devastated by the lack of support and advice on the prevention of lower leg and foot conditions and the failure to correctly diagnose and treat them. We’re determined to change this.

We believe:

  1. Non-healing wounds of the leg and foot are one of the biggest health challenges of our time but it is a challenge that can be solved
  2. Everyone has a right to good-quality lower leg and foot care that promotes healing and reduces the risk of harm
  3. We need to improve awareness, understanding and treatment of lower leg and foot conditions
  4. We can achieve more by working together than we can by working alone

Leg and foot conditions can have a profound impact on quality of life in terms of anxiety, sleep disturbance and social isolation
Briggs, M,. Flemming, K. (2007)


Briggs, M. & Flemming, K. 2007. Living with leg ulceration: a synthesis of qualitative research. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 319-328.