3rd May 2018

Why it matters

Non-healing wounds of the leg and foot are one of the UK’s biggest health challenges.

Every day, thousands of people’s quality of life is devastated by the lack of support and advice on the prevention of lower leg and foot conditions and the failure to correctly diagnosis and treat them. This can and must change.

Who we are

We are a coalition of healthcare organisations that have come together to stand up for lower legs and feet and reshape care around them. We want to make sure that anyone with a lower leg or foot problem understands their condition and gets the urgent care, attention and support they need.

What we’re doing

We’re working together to improve the awareness, understanding and treatment of lower leg and foot conditions at every level. We’re doing this by increasing awareness, championing better lower leg and foot care, and working with commissioners and influencers to reshape lower leg and foot care within the UK.

Stand with us

Everyone has a part to play in making legs matter. It starts by getting informed and knowing the signs and symptoms of lower leg and foot problems.