4th June 2020

Legs really do matter, but most people rarely give them a second thought until they start to go wrong.  Yet, people with Lipoedema think about their legs almost constantly.

At school they wonder why their legs resemble tree trunks while everyone else’s are thin and shapely.

Buying clothes becomes humiliating and distressing, in the hunt for shapeless, unflattering styles to fit wide hips and legs and hopefully hide them from view.

Every day actives  such as social events, careers and sports are a physical and psychological challenge with heavy, painful legs that often bruise. When lipoedema brings mobility restrictions and pain, legs become the focal point of almost every decision a person living with lipoedema makes on a daily basis.  Where to park, how far to walk, will people stare at me and make unkind remarks.

Lipoedema UK and are excited to become an Affiliate member of the Legs Matter campaign. We know that healthy legs are vital for quality of life and wellbeing and it is essential that everyone has access to better treatment of all leg conditions whatever the cause. We believe it is time to put the spotlight on legs and improve the standard of care for all leg conditions.

Sharie Fetzer
Chair – Lipoedema UK

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