14th December 2023

Legs Matter are delighted to be sponsor for the Patient Activation category for the Journal of Wound Care Awards which recognise excellence in research and practice.

Nominations are open and you have until Friday 22 December, 2023 to make your submission.

It’s a great way to gain national recognition for you and/or your team and you make the entry using an on-line system so it’s quick and easy and there are 20 categories in total.

The Awards ceremony will take place on Friday 23 February, 2024 at the Imperial War Museum.

The Patient Activation Award

Patient activation is needed within services who aim to improve the outcomes of people with lower leg and foot problems. Legs Matter has patients with experience around the table, partnering with the clinicians in order to shape the Legs Matter Strategy.

This award celebrates strategies that have intentionally brought people with experience into the work so that understanding is improved and their experience will shape the emerging service or strategy.

For this award, you will need to describe

  1. The project and the outcomes you aimed to achieve or the quality improvement goal
  2. How you engaged with your patients and service users in order to improve their personal activation and influence on the service
  3. How the initiative improved personal ownership and improvements
  4. The impact on the service provision and the clinicians involved
  5. Any long-term impact or change

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