Updates & Events

Events  |  9th January, 2023 6-7pm

Ask the expert: GP special. Live webinar with Dr Sarah Jarvis discussing leg health

Tired, heavy legs getting you down? Get the answers you need from two healthcare experts
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Campaign updates  |  4th October 2022

The power of compression therapy for leg ulcer management

The webinar was held in connection with the Compression Therapy Campaign initiated by EWMA in collaboration with the Legs Matter coalition and other wound management societies across Europe.
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Events  |  27th September 2022

Fundamentals of lower limb care – free training

Brought to you from the Society of Tissue Viability, this educational session promotes the best practices in skin health and wound healing.
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Events  |  14th September, 2022 1-3pm

Webinar: PrEPAID Trial Dissemination

Pain management and patient education in Peripheral Arterial Disease and Intermittent Claudication: Research update and next steps
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Legs Matter News  |  18th August 2022

Welcome Firstkind Ltd as a gold partner

The Legs Matter coalition are delighted to be liaising with First Kind Medical
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Campaign updates  |  17th August 2022

Wound care standard consultation –  Patient / Carer survey

Effective information sharing between care teams, people using wound care services and their families/carers is key to improving services.
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