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1st June 2023

Optimising compression for lower limb conditions

Optimising compression – the use of Class 1 hosiery for early intervention

A short video to explain the use of Class 1 hosiery for treatment of lower limb conditions.

Optimising compression early intervention wounds lymphorrhoea

Early intervention in the management of Lymphorrhoea (leaky legs) and how to optimise treatment is presented in this short video from Accelerate. Produced to help you ensure wet legs, erosions and sores are dealt with promptly to reduce further risk of pain, leaking and swelling.

Optimising compression increasing the effectiveness

Optimising compression is at the heart of the work undertaken at Accelerate. This video guides and explains how to apply a short stretch bandage (Actico) from foot to below knee to give a really good squeeze of compression effectively and safely. Full of helpful tips and tweaks to a standard regime of application it should help you to improve and maintain the bandage.

Optimising compression increasing the therapeutic dosage

This short video from Accelerate presents the next step in optimising the therapeutic dose of compression for lymphorrhoea and wound care after an ABPI. By gradually increasing compression you can support a patient’s expectations and reduce pain levels. Knowing your bandages is a great start to optimising treatment.

Thanks go to Alison Hopkins at Accelerate, one of our coalition partners for sharing these video resources.

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