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4th June 2023

How to talk to your healthcare professional about your leg ulcer or foot ulcer

What are leg ulcers or foot ulcers?

You may have been diagnosed with a leg or foot ulcer which is a wound, usually below the knee on the leg or foot, which has been there for more than 2 weeks. This wound may have occurred as a result of a trauma to your lower limb (accidentally hitting your leg on something or from a fall).

The wound will normally have a dressing which will need changing at least weekly but sometimes more often if the wound is leaking a lot of fluid (exudate).

Preparing to change a dressing, monitoring pain and measuring your wound are all areas covered in this video from Accelerate. The more you know about your wound the better the conversation you can have with your nurse or healthcare professional.

Talking to your healthcare professional about your leg or foot ulcers during the coronavirus

This film explores how you discuss these issues with your nurse, or healthcare professional. This film will help you learn to take better control of your wound.

Thanks go to Alison Hopkins at Accelerate, one of our coalition partners for creating this video resource.

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