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Monday 11th October

Monday 11th October 2021 09:00 – 09:30

What to do when a knock or sore isn’t healing

The need for urgent review, what should happen in a good assessment process, what does good care look like and how to escalate your situation - GET THE KNOW-HOW
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Monday 11th October 2021 10:00 – 10:30

Exercise for healthier legs

The effect of exercise on vascular health and how to incorporate exercise into daily life with exercises for the kitchen, lounge and garden - GET THE KNOW HOW
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Monday 11th October 2021 12:00 – 13:00

The power of compression

We will discuss how compression works, explain treatment options, and home care safety advice - EXPERT INSIGHT
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Monday 11th October 2021 14:00 – 14:30

Living with a leg ulcer

Ronald (Hayley's patient) and his wife discuss what made the difference to his leg ulcer healing and give their views on what could help others living with a leg ulcer, and doing self-managed care - REAL LIFE STORIES
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Monday 11th October 2021 15:30 – 16:30

Going beyond compression therapy

Addressing hard to heal wounds including the importance of getting an accurate assessment and having the right treatment plan - EXPERT INSIGHT
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Monday 11th October 2021 17:00 – 18:00

In conversation with Crystal Oldham from The QNI

Crystal and Alison discuss the real opportunity we have to change the lives of our patients and community nurses - IN CONVERSATION WITH
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Monday 11th October 2021 18:00 – 19:00

Emma Hardy MP’s Big Conversation vascular disease event

Raise awareness of vascular and venous disease amongst the public – an opportunity to pose your burning questions to the experts - HOT TOPIC
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