Date: Wednesday 12th June 2024 18:30 – 19:30

WEBINAR: Oxygen therapy in diabetes wound care

Online via Zoom

A Legs Matter live webinar delivered in partnership with AOTI logo

What’s it about?

The focus for the panel will be the hidden harm crisis in foot ulcer management and how the use of oxygen therapy in wound care can support an improvement in patient outcomes.

Learning objectives

This is an opportunity for all to understand that this harm is avoidable:

  • Reduced length of stay / avoiding admission
  • Impact on patient experience / wellbeing – therapies that can be delivered at home
  • Improve patient outcomes / reducing inequalities

Who should attend?

  • Podiatry and DFU MDT team members
  • Wound Care Specialists
  • ICB senior leaders and decision makers

Who’s speaking

Professor Andrew Boulton

Professor of Medicine, University of Manchester and Consultant Physician, Manchester Royal Infirmary

Professor Boulton is a graduate of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and subsequently trained in Sheffield, and Miami prior to accepting an appointment at Manchester University. He has authored more than 600 peer-reviewed manuscripts (H-Index >130) and book chapters, mainly on diabetic lower limb and renal complications.

Among his many awards, he has received the ADA’s Roger Pecoraro Lectureship, the EASD Camillo Golgi prize and was the first recipient of the international award on diabetic foot research. He was the 2008 winner of the ADA’s Harold Rifkin award for distinguished international service in diabetes. He received the 2012 Georgetown distinguished achievement award in diabetic limb salvage.  In 2015 he visited Nagoya, Japan and gave a prize lecture on diabetic complications at the Japan Society of Diabetes, and in 2017 was the Banting Memorial Lecturer at Diabetes UK and also received the International Diabetes Endocrinologist Award of the year from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

A previous editor of Diabetic Medicine and until recently was the senior associate editor of Diabetes Care. In 2019 he was ranked the number one UK diabetes researcher in the field of complications.

Currently President of the Worldwide Initiative for Diabetes Education.  He was the founding Chairman of the Diabetic Foot Study Group and was previously Chairman of Postgraduate Education and then Hon. Secretary/ programme chair for the EASD. Until late 2015 he was President of the EASD. Until December 2022, President, International Diabetes Federation 2019-2022 and currently Chairman of EURADIA (European Alliance for Diabetes Research).

Professor Andrew Boulton, Professor of Medicine with a special interest in diabetes and its complications, University of Manchester and Consultant Physician, Manchester Royal Infirmary

Jayne Robbie

Senior Lecturer in Advancing Diabetes Care and Course Lead for Advancing Practice in Peripheral Vascular Disease, Birmingham City University and Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust

Jayne has been involved with high risk foot care for over twenty five years, and has been pivotal in the ACT NOW campaign to raise awareness of early referral of foot problems to specialist centres to reduce amputations. Jayne represents Foot in Diabetes UK (FDUK) for which she is Co-Chair.

Jayne is currently a doctoral student – researching health care inequalities and delays in accessing specialist foot care for people with highrisk diabetic foot disease.

Jayne Robbie, Senior Lecturer in Advancing Diabetes Care and Course Lead for Advancing Practice in Peripheral Vascular Disease, Birmingham City University

Joanne Casey (Chair)

Professional Development Lead, Royal College of Podiatry (RCPod)

Joanne Casey, Vice Chair of Legs Matter

Joanne is a podiatrist who has developed a portfolio career spanning clinical, research, education, management and leadership.

She has worked within NHS primary, secondary, tertiary care teams and within independent practice settings. She has spent half of her 21year career working with the team in The Mike Edmonds Foot Clinic at Kings College Hospital, London.

She has a strong passion for community health, encouraging social prescribing and collaborative partnerships to provide individuals with personalised care to prevent tissue loss and limb amputation.

Joanne is currently the Professional Development Lead at The Royal College of Podiatry; Visiting Fellow at The University of Southampton and co-chair of the Legs Matter coalition.

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