CPD Certified Study Days

Behind every clinician, there is a day-to-day superhero
Our mission: to provide better treatment for our patients.

Why attend: The Urgo Foundation Leg Ulcer Days will provide valuable and practical information on how to improve your dialogue with patients. These days are CPD accredited.

Each day will include:

  • Practical tools on how to work collaboratively with patients and promote concordance
  • Insights into the patient experience
  • Top tips on how to listen and communicate with patients more effectively
  • Group discussions on how to set treatment goals with patients and motivate them to participate in their care
  • Interactive sessions on how to educate patients on why their treatments are needed and how they work
  • Excellent networking opportunities with clinicians

Currently, a leg ulcer takes an average of 210 days to heal.

With the right action, we have the power to heal patients with leg ulcers, even faster.

This is why the Urgo Foundation, in partnership with Legs Matter took the initiative to organise ‘European Leg Ulcer Days’.

In 2018, the initiative was renewed in France and Spain, and extended to the UK, in order to not only sustain, but spread these training practices.

In 2018, the project in the UK will take place in 3 major cities, to heighten the conversation around “engaging in dialogue with our patient”.

Jeanette Milne will act as chair throughout Leg Ulcer Days.

Honey Langcaster James, a psychologist will discuss psychological impact on patients living with leg ulcers

Brenda King and Sarah Gardner will provide practical tools on how motivational interviews, therapeutic education and patient assessment can be used to encourage patient participation in their care.

Who’s it for?

TVN Nurses, Vascular Nurses, Senior Nurses.

When and where?

27th November 2018 – Bristol

28th November 2018 – Broxbourne

29th November 2018 – Manchester

What can you expect?

Interact, learn and teach
Leg ulcer days will provide you the practical tools needed to empower your patients with their own care. These tools will also be available to share with your peers.


Register through the Leg Ulcer Days website

Anything else?

Use Twitter @legulcerdays #legulcerdays to share your engagement with Leg Ulcer Days

Agenda and locations