Updates & Events

Events  |  27-29th November 2018

The 2nd European Leg Ulcer Days

CPD Certified study days for TVN Nurses, Vascular Nurses, Senior Nurses.
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Tips and advice  |  4th October 2018

Cancer related lymphoedema – A patient’s guide

This patient guide focuses on lymphoedema and advises on what to look out for, causes, reducing risks, how to get diagnosed and management of treatment
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Thought pieces  |  24th September 2018

Meet John Hellings, one of our Patient Partners

It’s indisputable that we patients with lower leg conditions need a Legs Matter Campaign badly. The way it is being done gets my support so far. I hope I can help.
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Campaign updates  |  24th September 2018

We have a lot to learn from our coalition Patient Partners

The Legs Matter coalition came about because there were a number of us who thought 'enough is enough'.
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Campaign updates  |  17th September 2018

Llandudno district nurses: Making Legs Matter

A fun way of telling a serious message. Get involved with the Legs Matter campaign.
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Legs Matter News  |  14th September 2018

New Chair for Legs Matter

Meet Dr Leanne Atkin as the new Chair of Legs Matter and Sarah Gardner who was elected Deputy Chair
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