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Tips and advice  |  22nd March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Social distancing and isolation tips

Whether you have a leg or foot ulcer, or another problem – here's some handy tips for coping during the coronavirus outbreak.
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Tips and advice  |  4th June 2019

Why is my leg ulcer not healing?

We’ve put together some handy information to try and answer your question and make sure you’re well informed
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Tips and advice  |  5th March 2019

Knees to toes: what you need to know

We’ve put together this short guide to help you get to know your lower legs and feet – and know when to go and get them checked out at your GP practice.
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Tips and advice  |  28th February 2019

Top tips for healthy legs and feet

Get the lowdown on how to keep your legs and feet healthy as part of your everyday lifestyle from people living with leg and foot problems, nurses and clinic volunteers
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Tips and advice  |  24th October 2018

10 Top tips on leg ulcers for healthcare professionals

These tips have been carefully developed and designed by those clever folk who make up our coalition for anyone who works in healthcare
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Tips and advice  |  4th October 2018

Cancer related lymphoedema – A patient’s guide

This patient guide focuses on lymphoedema and advises on what to look out for, causes, reducing risks, how to get diagnosed and management of treatment
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