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Thought pieces  |  19th November 2019

Inflammation but not as you know it!

Are you aware venous hypertension raises these same enzymes within the tissues whether you have a wound or not?
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Thought pieces  |  10th June 2019

Interview: Dr Jemell Geraghty talks tissue viability nursing

Hear from Dr Jemell Geraghty being interviewed by Voice of Nursing
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Thought pieces  |  18th October 2018

New position paper hailed as a game-changer in clinical practice

The launch of this new document at the British Lymphology Society’s Annual Conference is anticipated to make a significant improvement to care of people with lower leg swelling and chronic leg wounds.
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Thought pieces  |  24th September 2018

Meet John Hellings, one of our Patient Partners

It’s indisputable that we patients with lower leg conditions need a Legs Matter Campaign badly. The way it is being done gets my support so far. I hope I can help.
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Thought pieces  |  22nd August 2018

Community nurses ‘under real pressure’ from chronic wound care

Did you know: nurses in the UK carry out 180 wound dressing changes a year on each patient with a chronic wound.
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Thought pieces  |  16th April 2018

Five steps to healthier legs for life

Top tips on keeping your legs and feet healthy and in good condition
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