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Patient views  |  7th July 2020

Tracy Goodwin – Reflections from lockdown

For some, lockdown has been a complete life change. But for others, including many of the million leg ulcer patients across the country – old and young, there's been no change.
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Patient views  |  29th June 2020

Self caring during the Coronavirus

Since March 2020, his wife, Pat, has taken on Peter’s care supported by Legs Matter member Kate Williams, a wound clinical nurse specialist at Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. 
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Patient views  |  29th April 2019

Painkillers – a dilemma for patients and doctors alike

John’s personal story is very difficult to read. It is raw and close to the bone. But we cannot look away and say that ‘this does not happen here’.
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Patient views  |  22nd January 2019

You don’t get wisdom from a glowing screen

You get it from someone who looks like they need to be refreshed.
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Patient views  |  29th October 2018

What are you doing here?

There are two questions they always ask you in the NHS. The first one’s a bit harsh: What’s your date of birth? Sometimes, they follow that up with a supplementary question: I’m sorry, can you…
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Patient views  |  17th October 2018

Meet Tracy Goodwin, one of our Patient Partners

I am one of the patient representatives and hope to become a valuable part of the coalition by offering my experiences, expectations and opinions as a patient.
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