The Winton Centre at Cambridge University have been asked by NHS England to produce some patient information leaflets about various conditions.
They need the help of the general public to make sure they’re including the right information and explaining things well.
They need around 15 people to help them test the document about varicose veins.
They are also creating leaflets on the following topics:  gallstones, inguinal hernia,  maternity,  type 1 diabetes and enlarged prostate.
You would receive an email with the document to review, and they would set up a Zoom call to talk about it. The call usually takes about 45 minutes or so.
They need to complete these interviews before 4th April 2023.
They’ll send you a £20 voucher as a thank you for your time (can send Amazon, or any of the main supermarket vouchers).
If you think you’d like to help,  or you want to know more about the project,  email Leila Finikaride