Date: Wednesday 14th October 2020 08:00 – 08:05

Pilates for everyone: Session 3 – balance


**Please note, we do not recommend this session if you have a foot condition as it involves some standing**

Session 3

This session will be a standing session, which will include some of the seated exercises but also some balancing. It would be helpful to have a solid chair handy to give you confidence.

What’s it about?

If you’ve wanted to try Pilates classes before, but something has been holding you back, now is your chance. Renowned for strengthening and stabilising your core (body), this in turn means you can move efficiently, while improving your posture, flexibility and mobility. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates to encourage movement in rehabilitation. It is suitable for people of all levels of fitness and can usually be adapted for individual needs.

Who’s it suitable for?

These short films will introduce you to Pilates at different levels. You should always be guided by your own body. If you have been told you have osteoporosis or are in danger of developing it you should seek advice before doing exercises that involve bending the spine (spinal flexion).

Who’s running this event

Sue Albery is a Pilates teacher based at the foot of the beautiful south Downs in West Sussex. Sue began her training as a Pilates teacher at the age of 65 as a retirement project and has taught in her village hall for the last six years. Her working life included an advisory role for disabled school leavers in a voluntary sector organisation, 25 years teaching in London Secondary schools mainly as deputy head of sixth form. In her final role she managed a small mental health charity in Croydon.

Pilates was a complete change although she had an interest in dance throughout her life.