Coronavirus – support with self-isolation, shielding and lockdown

Taking care of yourself at home during the coronavirus

This is new for all of us and doesn’t come naturally. We have put together some tips and ideas which may help you through this difficult period.

Connect with people

Arrange phone calls or video calls with people that you would usually see in person.

Decide with friends or family to read the same book or watch the same film and have a phone or video call to discuss it.

Look through and put up more pictures of loved ones.

Turn on the television or listen to the radio if home is starting to feel quiet.

Keep a routine

Try to follow your normal routine as much as possible i.e. getting up and going to bed at the same time.

It may also be a time to change your routine, for example spending more time doing a hobby you enjoy or learn something new.

If you live with other people, try and create a household routine ensuring that you give each other space if needed. Some people will want to talk, whereas others might not.

Try to keep active if you can

Take a walk and get some exercise and fresh air either in the garden or open space at least once a day if mobility allows. Even going up and own the stairs or doing seated exercises can keep you moving.

Get up from your seat every hour if possible and do something.

Your mind needs to keep active as well!!  Set aside time in your routine to read, listen to the radio, watch the television – quiz shows and films. Puzzle books, crosswords and on-line apps can keep the brain active.

Elderly gentleman doing crossword

This information was compiled by one of our coalition partners, Accelerate

Download a pdf copy here



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